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Roscrea Musical Society-God Bless Archie Dean
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Congratulations to Roscrea Musical Society who presented an action packed comedy, God Bless Archie Dean to packed audiences for their 2005 show. Written, composed, directed and choreographed by Peter Kennedy, Roscrea are indeed fortunate for having the playwright/composer’s assistance in ensuring this hilarious musical was given the best production possible.


Director of Archie Dean
Peter Kennedy

Paul Spencer Who Plays The Devil’s Sidekick Toby

Proinnsias Loughnane Takes The Role of Archie Dean

The storyline centres on Archie Dean, who faces the dilemma of making up his mind as to where he would like to spend eternity having died in a train crash. Archie’s story unfolds through a musical that not only makes audiences laugh but also think about the underlining message of the struggle between good and evil in all of us! Archie enters Hell (a mistake he thinks) having committed a sin he did not confess and is met by the devil’s sidekick, the hilarious ’Toby’, who tells him that he hasn’t been bad enough to enter Hell, which leaves only one option - purgatory! ’Toby’ makes a deal with Archie; he is given one month to return to earth, during which he must commit a mortal sin so he can earn his entry to Hell! Our sympathetic hero finds it hard to keep up his side of the bargain, however, especially as the Angel, ’Gabriella and ’St. Peter’ intervene time and time again, having taken an interest in Archie’s salvation. On earth, Archie finds out what a double-crossin, two-timin girlfriend his ’Stella’ is, how dishonest and gangster like her ’bit-on the side’ ’Nathan’ is, how horrible it is to try and split up his friends ’Eddie’ and ’Esther’ and what a useless bank robber he would make! Throw in Toby’s suggestions of killing his Granny/ cheating girlfriend, committing adultery and if all else fails doing himself in’ and Archie’s dilemma is brought to light.

The Girls Chorus
This Group Of Hell’s Angels Will Scare And Delight You

A very entertaining and fast - paced musical, it demands a good frontline of actors and a chorus that must adapt to a multiplicity of roles, including Hell’s leather-clad hand whipping ’minders’ to high-stepping’ majorettes, to Heaven’s Gospel Singers, Roscrea were fortunate to have a great cast this year. Over 40 on stage and full of energy, fun and enthusiasm, the cast threw themselves into rehearsals with great gusto and the society are can be delighted for delivering a real winner this year!

L/R Monica White, Jade Carney, Marie Walsh And Ciara McMahon

Sinead Browne WhoPlays Gabrielle And Gerry Dwyer Who Plays St. Peter

In the pivotal role of ’Toby’ is the highly versatile and vastly experienced Paul Spencer. Seen by only Archie and the audience, his hilarious witticisms and ad-libs are delivered with bullseye accuracy. While his precise timing and delivery exudes a confidence gained from years of experience. His delivery of ’Beautiful Funeral’ is a comic delight!

The timid, self-effacing, nervous ’Archie’ is played with innocent naivety by Proinnsias Loughnane, no mean feat for a well-built, confident man in real life! Proinnsias throws himself into the part so well that we are totally convinced of his characterisation of a shy, neurotic, sympathetic hero!

This Hard Working Stage Crew Ensure The Smooth Staging Of
God Bless Archie Dean
The Men’s Chorus

Playing the role of ’Stella’, the voluptuous, brassy, ’Marilyn - type cheating ’girlfriend of Archie is the A.I.M.S. award-winning actress Siobhan Bowe. A highly experienced actress of great versatility, Siobhan obviously enjoyed the challenge of this comedy role.

’Nathan’, the gangster is portrayed by another actor - Mark McLoughlin who has himself recently successfully turned his hand to directing plays. The sickly sweet couple, Eddie and Esther are played by Ger Collis, and Fiona Russell. These two put in performances that bely their tender years. Their eccentric goody-goody relationship is brilliantly represented. The beautiful Sinead Browne (who played ’Fiona’ in Brigadoon) played ’Gabriella’ - St. Peter’s earthly agent who has to adopt a number of disguises on earth in order to help Archie. Monica White plays an unattractive ’Martha’ bemoaning drunkenly her husband’s infidelities. Archie’s ailing Grandma is played by a long-standing stalwart of our society, - the wonderful Marie Walsh. The wonderful acting talents of Gerry Dwyer are on show as St. Peter and Ciara McMahon (our ’Meg Brockie’ in Brigadoon) displays her wonderful voice as the ’Gospel Singer’ and teases as ’Monica’ a lady of doubtful character! Ian Hanrahan takes the role of the easily distracted ’Cop’ and Jade Carney is wonderful as the temptress ’Samantha’. Salome Hennessy plays the chorus-conducting reporter ’Gloria’

Siobhan Bowe Stars As ’Stella’ And
Mark McLoughlin Stars As ’Nathan’

This Group Of Supporting CAst Members Include Mark Delahunty, Vincent Nolan, Thomas Leamy, Tim Keane, Ian Hanrahan, Christine Kelly, Emear O’Byrne, Salome Hennessy & Frances Fitzgerald.

The supporting cast all play their roles excellently, in fine singing and acting performances. Overall production, performances, sets, stage management, lighting, choreography, costumes and musical accompaniment all compliment to give a very rewarding and entertaining show.

These Invaluable Ladies Help Both Front And Backstage As Part Of The Team In Staging God Bless Archie Dean
The Committee Behind The Staging Of God Bless Archie Dean

Francis Mitchell Who Plays The Monsignor


Committee, Cast & Crew For this Year’s Production
Well Done To All Concerned


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